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Welcome to the ISSPIT Symposium

The IEEE Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT) is a series of international symposia that aim to cover most aspects in the fields of signal processing and information technology. Sessions will include tutorials in addition to presentations on new research results.


ISSPIT 2023      ISSPIT 2023 will be held October 1-3 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA
ISSPIT 2022      ISSPIT was Temporarily Suspended and will be resumed in 2023
ISSPIT 2021      Canceled due to COVID
ISSPIT 2020      Twentieth Symposium was held virtual (Dec. 9-11) Hosted In Louisville, KY, USA
ISSPIT 2019      Nineteenth Symposium was held (Dec. 10-12) in Ajman, United Arab Emirates
ISSPIT 2018      Eighteenth Symposium will be held (Dec. 6-8) in Louisville, Kentucky - USA
ISSPIT 2017      Seventeenth Symposium was held in Bilbao, Spain.
ISSPIT 2016      Sixteenth Symposium was held in Limassol, Cyprus.
ISSPIT 2015      Fifteenth Symposium was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
ISSPIT 2014      Fourteenth Symposium was held in Noida, India.
ISSPIT 2013      Thirteenth Symposium was held in Athens, Greece.
ISSPIT 2012      Twelvth Symposium was held in Saigon, Vietnam.
ISSPIT 2011      Eleventh Symposium was held in Bilbao, Spain.
ISSPIT 2010      Tenth Symposium was held in Luxor, Egypt.
ISSPIT 2009      Ninth Symposium was held in Ajaman, UAE.
ISSPIT 2008      Eighth symposium, held in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
ISSPIT 2007      Seventh Symposium, held in Cairo, Egypt.
ISSPIT 2006      Sixth Symposium, held in Vancouver, Canada.
ISSPIT 2005      Fifth Symposium, held in Athens, Greece.
ISSPIT 2004      Fourth Symposium, held in Rome, Italy.
ISSPIT 2003      Third Symposium held in Darmstadt Germany.
ISSPIT 2002      Second Symposium held in Marrakech, Morocco.
ISSPIT 2001      First Symposium held in Cairo, Egypt.


ISSPIT Steering Committee