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Keynote Speakers

A new brain for the Internet

Traditional Internet started as a communication service with dubious quality and quickly evolved as a global communication infrastructure. As such, it has allowed for various classes of services and applications for entertainment, business, education and administration. Internet has indeed become not just a service but a civil right. Internet services should now widen their application spectrum and, driven by user demand, span across a less-effort through to guaranteed services - to support demanding but also free users, computers and mobile phones but also cars and sensors and space devices. Internet coverage expands from wired to wired-wireless to mobile ad-hoc, acoustic and space internetworks. All devices are considered as potentially internetworked devices, even when they are not interconnected permanently. Towards this goal, Internet needs a new brain. This talk will zoom into some cells of that new brain.

Vassilis Tsaoussidis holds degrees in Applied Mathematics (Aristotle University, Greece) and Computer Science (Ph.D in Computer Networks Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany). Vassilis held a postdoctoral appointment at the Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ and faculty appointments at the Computer Science Department of SUNY Stony Brook, NY and at the college of Computer Science of Northeastern University, Boston, MA. He returned to Greece in May 2003 to join the Faculty of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Democritus University. He served as distinguished guest at the Graduate School of Technical University of Berlin in 2005 and he was Visiting Professor at MIT, where he served his sabbatical in 2009 and is a research associate since then. Vassilis is the Director the first European "Space Internetworking Center - SPICE", which received funding from ESA and FP7 and coordinates several projects. Vassilis's research interests lie mainly in transport/network layers including the design and evaluation of energy-saving, real time, delay-tolerant or space protocols as well as the design and evaluation of mechanisms for congestion control, routing, quality of service and reliability. Broadly, his research is associated with internetworking theory and technologies.