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The 5th IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology





December 18-21, 2005, Titania Hotel, Athens, Greece




Final Program


Co-Sponsored by                                                    

 IEEE Signal Processing  Society                                     IEEE Computer Society



Supported by

U. of Pireaus Research Center


 Microsoft Hellas



Organizing Committee


General Chairs:

     Dimitrios Serpanos, U. of Patras, Greece

     Ahmed Tewfik, U. of Minnesota, U.S.A.

Technical Program Co-Chairs

     Burkhard Stiller,U. of Zürich & ETH

                    Zürich, Switzerland

     Esam Abdel-Raheem, U. Windsor, Canada 

Registration, & Finance Chair

     R. Ammar, University of Connecticut, USA

Web Mgr. & Publication Chair

A.     Elmaghraby, Univ. of Louisville, USA

Mostafa G. Mostafa, WKU, U.S.A.

Tutorials Chair

     Esam Abdel-Raheem, U. Windsor, Canada 

Publicity Chair

     Stefanos Kaxiras, U. of Patras, Greece 

Local Arrangements Chair

     Christos Douligeris, U. of Pireaus, Greece


Technical Program Committee


Moeness Amin - Villanova U., USA


Sanguthevar Rajasekaran - U. of Connecticut, USA

Torsten Braun - U. of Berne, Switzerland


Peter Reichl - FTW, Austria

Ahmed Desoky - U. of Louisville, USA


Jochen Schiller - Freie U. of Berlin, Germany

Fayez Gebali - Univ. of Victoria, Canada


George Stamoulis - AUEB, Greece

Mohammed Khalid - U. of Windsor, Canada


Zahir Tari - RMIT, Australia

Said El-Khamy - Alexandria U., Egypt


Ahmed Tawfik - U. of Windsor, Canada

Khaled Mayyas - JUST, Jordan


Ayman Tawfik - Ajman U. of Sci. & Tech., UAE

Lazaros Merakos - U. of Athens, Greece


Gunnar Teege - U. of Federal Armed Forces, Germany

Magda Mourad - IBM, USA


Kemal, Tepe - U. of Windsor, Canada

Tom Pfeifer - TSSG, WIT, Ireland


Bruno Tuffin - IRISA, France

M. Philippsen - U. of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany


Wayne Wolf - Princeton U., USA

Dionisios Pnevmatikatos - T.U. Crete, Greece


Kokou Yetongnon - Bourgogne U., France

Siva Rajagopalan - HP, USA


Martina Zitterbart - U. of Karlsruhe, Germany

Program Summary

Sunday, Dec. 18th


8:00 am   -10:00 am: Registration and reception

10:00 am -10:30 am: Welcome address

10:30 am -  1:00 pm: Tutorials


13:00 pm-14:30 pm Lunch


  2:30 pm -   5:00 pm: Tutorials


Conference days




Monday, Dec 19th

Tuesday, Dec. 20th

Wednesday, Dec 21st














                                        Coffee Break




























                                       Coffee Break














Session Titles

IT-1:  Computer Architecture

IT-2:   Bioinformatics

IT-3:   Scheduling and Performance

IT-4:   Networking

IT-5:   Network System Architectures

IT-6:   GEO Data

IT-7:   Coding and Compression

IT-8:   Security Technology

IT-9:   Security and Privacy in Mobile

and Wireless Computing

IT-10: Security and Privacy in eBusiness, 

            eCommerce, eGovernment

IT-11: Applications in Comm. and

            Information Technology I 

IT-12:  Education and Text Processing

IT-13: Applications in Comm. and

            Information Technology II 

IT-14: Modeling and Optimization



SP-1: Audio and Speech Processing

SP-2: MIMO Communications

SP-3: Radar Signal Processing

SP-4: Image and Video Processing

SP-5: Biomedical Signal Processing

SP-6: Object Tracking and Recognition

SP-7: Wavelets, Multirate SP & Applications

SP-8: Signal Processing

SP-9: Localization

SP-10: Comm. System & Networks

SP-11: Signal Processing Techniques in


SP-12: Watermarking and Encryption

SP-13: Pattern Recognition

SP-14: Video Coding

SP-15: Adaptive Signal Processing

SP-16: Image Restoration & Segmentation

SP-17: Speech Processing

SP-18: Media Protection and


SP-19: Neural Networks

SP-20: Image Processing

SP-21: DSP Systems &Implementation   




Conference Banquet will be on December 20th, 19:00pm-21:00pm.



Detailed Program


Sunday, December 19, 2005




Tutorial 1:

  “Cryptography: Circuits and Systems Approach”

O. Koufopavlou, G. Selimis and N. Sklavos P. Kitsos

VLSI Design Lab, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras, Greece


Tutorial 2:

      “Cryptography: Algorithms and Standards

Ahmed Desoky

Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Louisville


Tutorial 3:

  “Advances in ultrasound image processing”

D. Kouamé, E. Mandard, L. Pourcelot, J.M. Grégoire and J.M. Girault

LUSSI CNRS FRE 2448 , University of Tours, France


Tutorial 4:

      “Interactive multimedia networking”

Mario Baldi

Technical University of Turin (Politecnico di Torino), Italy - Department of Computer Engineering



Monday, December 19, 2005


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Computer Architecture

1.       "Budgeted Region Sampling (BeeRS): Do Not Separate Sampling From Warm-Up, And Then Spend Wisely Your  Simulation Budget"

D. Gracia Perez, H. Berry and O. Temam

2.        "DIABLO: a reliable, retargetable and extensible link-time rewriting framework"

L. Van Put, D. Chanet, B. De Bus and B. De Sutter

3.       "Understanding the Performance of Concurrent Error Detecting Superscalar Micro-architectures"

J. C Smolens, J. Kim, J. C Hoe and B. Falsafi

4.       "Toward a Processor Core for Real-Time Capable Autonomic Systems"

T. Ungerer, S. Uhrig and S. Maier


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Bioinformatics

1.    "A DNA Sequence Compression Algorithm Based on LUT(Look-up Table) and LZ77"

S. Bao, S. Chen, Z. Q. Jing and R. Ren

2.    "Gene Classification and Regulatory Prediction Based on Transcriptional Modeling"

I. Tagkopoulos and D. Serpanos

3.    "Biological Significance of a Novel Biclustering Technique on Genetic Expression Data"

L. E Vertatschitsch, A. H Tewfik and A. B Tchagang

4.     "BIO101—EST Sequence Management and Annotation System"

I.Y. Lee, W.C. Lin, J.M. Ho Ho and G. L. Wang


8:30 AM– 10:00 AM: Audio and Speech Processing

1.    "A Biophysical Model of the Human Cochlea for Speech Stimulus Using STFT",

L. Golipour and S. Gazor

2.    "Time-Frequency Approach for Analysis and Synthesis of Particular Emotional Voice"

M. Kobayashi  and S. Wada

3.    "Zipf, Neural Networks and SVM for Musical Genre Classification"

E. Dellandrea, H. Harb and L. Chen

4.    "2D Spatial-Frequency Processing Based Audio Coding for Real Time Wireless Transmission"

G. Luo, B. Chilterns



10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Coffee Break



10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Scheduling and Performance

1.    "Scheduling Stochastic Tasks with Parallelizable Contents in Multiprocessor Systems"

E. Abd El-Maksoud and R. A. Ammar

2.    "Efficient Processing Power Utilization to Execute Real-Time Tasks"

A. Hussein, R. Ammar and A. Hamdy

3.    "Performance Evaluation of Modified Hierarchical Ring by Exploiting Link Utilization and Memory Access Locality"

J. W.  Kwak and C. S. Jhon

4.    "Performance-Energy Trade-off Exploration in Dynamic Data Types for Network Applications"

A. Bartzas, G. Pouiklis, S. Mamagkakis and F. Catthoor

5.    "SchedSP-WS: The Evolution of an Application Service Platform Using Web Services and Grid Related Technologies"

G. Goulas, P. Alefragis and E. Housos



10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: MIMO Communications

1.    "Effect of Measurement Error on the Capacity of a MIMO Wireless System"

P. D. Chambers, C. Downing, and H. Baher

2.    "Improved Single PARAFAC Based Blind MIMO System Estimation"

Y. Yu and A. Petropulu

3.    "On Space-Time Block Coding in Downlink of Multiuser CDMA Systems"

S. M. Razavizadeh,, V. T Vakili, P. Azmi and M. Fardis

4.    "A Multicarrier CDMA System for Combating Channel Blocking in Frequency-Selective Fading MIMO Channel"

T. Fujino and J. Nakamura

5.    "Prediction of the eigenvectors for spatial multiplexing MIMO systems in time-varying channels"

H. T. Nguyen, G. Leus and N. Khaled


10:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Radar Signal Processing

1.    "Separation of Multiple Secondary Surveillance Radar Sources in Real Environment by a Novel Projection Algorithm",

N. Petrochilos, G. Galati, L. Mené and E. Piracci

2.    "A New Method of HRR Profile Formation Based on Multiple Radars LFM Signal Fusion"

W. Cheng, H. W. Dong, D. Xiao-Yong and Y.  W. Xian

3.    "Peak Picking Losses in Radar Detectors"

A. Yıldırım, M. Efe and A. Kemal Özdemir

4.    "Indoor Imaging of Targets Enduring Simple Harmonic Motion Using Doppler Radars"

P. Setlur, M. G. Amin, F. Ahmad and T. Thayaparan

5.    "Performance Enhancement of a Spline-based Method for Extreme Compression of Weather Radar Reflectivity Data"

P. R. Mahapatra and V. V Makkapati

6.    Robust Subspace technique for joint angle/Doppler estimation in Alpha-Stable clutter using Phased Fractional Lower-Order Moments"

H. Belkacemi, M. Djeddi and S. Marcos,



12:30 PM -2:00 PM: Lunch



2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Networking

1.    "IP Look-Up with Time or Memory Guarantee and Low Update Time"

G. T. Kousiouris and D. Serpanos

2.    "ALEX: Adding SIP Support for Systems with Multiple Network Addresses"

M. Baldi, F. Marinone, F. Risso and L. Torrero

3.    "Evaluation of Dynamic Tree-based Data Gathering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks"

M. Moh and M. S Dumont

4.    "A new Micro-mobility scheme using core node in ALL-IP-Based wireless systems"

S. Kim and S. Ahn


2:00 PM - 3:30PM: Image and Video Processing

1.    "Use of an Adaptive 3D-DCT Scheme for Coding Multiview Stereo Images"

N. P. Sgouros, S. S. Athineos, P. E. Mardaki, A. P. Sarantidou, M. S. Sangriotis, P. G. Papageorgas, and N. G. Theofanous

2.    "Motion Detection Using Differential Histogram Equalization"

R. Hasanzadeh P.R., Amir Shahmirzaie, and A.H. Rezaie

3.    "Linear Predicted Two-Pass Hexagonal Algorithm with Parallel Implementation for Motion Estimation"

Y. Wu and G. Megson

4.    "Path-based Encoding Efficiency of Wavelet-based Compressed Imagery"

A. F. Leider and E. J. Balster


2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Biomedical Signal Processing

1.    "Time-Frequency EEG Analysis in Epilepsy: What is More Suitable?"

C. Guerrero, A. Malanda Trigueros and J. Iriarte

2.    "Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) for Multi-gate, Multi-transducer Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Monitoring"

D. P. Rouvre, D. Kouame, F. Tranquart and L. Pourcelot

3.    "MRI Left Ventricle Segmentation and Reconstruction for the Study of the Heart Dynamics"

S. Colantonio, D. Moroni and O. Salvetti

3:30 PM  – 4:00 PM: Coffee Break



4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Network Systems Architecture

1.    "On Requirements and Challenges of Future Network Nodes"

G. Hjalmtysson and H. Sverrisson

2.    "NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast for Routing Table Distribution in Decentralized Routers"

O. Hagsand, M. Hidell and P. Sjödin

3.    "A Framework for Rapid Development and Portable Execution of Packet-Handling Applications"

M. Baldi and F. Risso

4.    "Randomized On-Line Matching (ROLM): Randomized Scheduling Algorithms for High-Speed Cell-based Switches"

D. Serpanos and M. Gamvrili

5.    "Ultra Scalable Optoelectronic Switching Fabric for Streaming Media over IP"

Y. Ofek


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Object Tracking and Recognition

1.       "Multitarget Ground Tracking with Road Maps and Particle Filters"

G. Kravaritis and B. Mulgrew

2.       "A Real-Time Stereo Head Pose Tracking System"

J. Chen and B. Tiddeman

3.       "Vehicle Flow Detection Statistic Algorithm Based on Optical Flow'"

C. Zhenxue and W. Guoyou

4.       "Assessment of the Single Data Set Detection Algorithms Under Template Mismatch"

E. Aboutanios and B. Mulgrew

5.       "A Novel License Plate Localization Method Based On Textural Feature Analysis"

J. Kong, X. Liu, Y. Lu and X. Zhou


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Wavelets, Multirate Signal Processing and Applications

1.       "Permuting and Lifting Wavelet Coding for Arbitrarily-Shaped Data with Expanded Nodes",  A. Honda and A. Kawanaka

2.       "Multiple Wavelet Analysis of Amplitude/Frequency Modulated Images"

G. Metikas an S. C. Olhede

3.       "Fast Integer-to-Integer Reversible Lifting Transform with Reduced Memory Consumption", J. Olive, E. Oliver and M. P. Malumbres

4.       "ZMI and Wavelet Transform Features and SVM Classifier in the Optimized Face Recognition System"

H. Rashidy Kanan and K. Faez

5.       "Multi-User Detector for MC-CDMA Using Nonorthogonal Wavelet Neural Networks"

H.M.S.B. Senevirathna and K. Yamashita.

6.       A New Entropy-Based Algorithm for Face Localization

S. Alirezaee, K.Faez, H.R.Kanan and H. Aghaeinia

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: GEO Data


1.    "A Real-Time Multiple-Vehicle Detection and Tracking System with Prior Occlusion Detection and Resolution"

B.F. Wu, S.P. Lin and Y.H. Chen 

2.    "Modeling and Querying Mobile Object on Transportation Network for Mobile Applications"

A. El Bouziri, A. Boulmakoul and H. Mouncif

3.    "Position Detection of Unexploded Ordnance from Airborne Magnetic anomaly Data Using 3-D Self-Organized Feature Map"

T. E. El.Tobely and A. S. Salem


8:30 AM– 10:00 AM: Coding and Compression


1.    "Combined Downlink Power Control and Joint Multicode Receivers For Downlink Transmissions in High Speed UMTS"

B. M Sayadi, S. M Ataman and I. Mme Fijalkow

2.    "Systolic Computational Memory Approach to High-Speed Codebook Design"

K. Sano, C. Takagi and T. Nakamura

3.    "Should MIMO orthogonal space-time coding be preferred to non-orthogonal coding with iterative detection?"

M. Ali Khalighi and J. Francois Helard

4.    "Influence of Lossy Compression Techniques on Processing Precision of Astronomical Images"

P. Pata, P. Hanzlik, J. Schindler and S. Vitek

5.    "Wyner-Ziv Coding of Three Correlated Gaussian Sources using Punctured Turbo Codes"

K. Lajnef, C. Guillemot and P. Siohan


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Watermarking and Encryption


1.    "Using Julian Set Patterns for Higher Robustness in Correlation Based Watermarking Methods", 

F. Yaghmaee and M. Jamzad

2.    "An Image Watermarking Algorithm via Zero Assigned Filter Banks"

Z. Yucel and B. A. Ozguler

3.    "Deliberate Distortion of Color Image and Video Resources for Copyright Protection"

A. Abadpour and S. Kasaei



10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Coffee Break



10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Security Technology


1.    "Detecting Denial of Service attacks using Emergent Self-Organizing Maps"

A. Mitrokotsa and C. Douligeris

2.    "Detecting TCP-Based DDoS Attacks by Regression Test"

E. Y Chen

3.    "Specification-based Intrusion Detection for H.323-based Voice over IP"

M. Moh, P. Truong and D. Nieh

4.    "Binary Document Image Watermarking for Secure Authentication Using Perceptual Modeling"

N. B. Puhan and A. T.S. Ho

5.    "Human Face Watermarking based on Zernike Moments"

P. K. Tzouveli, K. S. Ntalianis and S. D. Kollias


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Localization


1.         "Doa Estimation Utilizing Power Inversion Adaptive Array By Aggregated Microphones"

M. Matsumoto and S. Hashimoto

2.         "Narrowband Source Localization for Indoor Wireless Environments"

M. Shoeb, F. Ahmad and M. Amin

3.         "Multipath and Precorrelation Filtering Effect on GPS Noncoherent Early-Minus-Late Power Discriminators"

L. Liu and M. Amin

4.         "Performance Analysis of DOA Estimation Using Dual-Polarized Antenna Arrays"

B. A. Obeidat, Y. Zhang and M. Amin

5.         "Implementation Procedure of Wireless-Signal Map-Matching for Location-Based Services"

H.K. Lee, B. Li and C. Rizos


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Communication System and Networks


1.    "Capacity Analysis of a Cross Layer Downlink Model in the Presence of Fading and Interference"

D. Arora   and P. Agathoklis

2.    "SNR Estimation in Frequency Selective Rayleigh Channel for HIPERLAN/2 Transceiver"

D. Athanasios and K. Grigorios

3.    "Blind and Nonblind Nonnegative Impulse Response ISI Channel Demodulation Using the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm"

Z. Zhao and R. E.  Blahut

4.    "Sub-band Beamforming of OFDM Signals in Time Varying Multi-Path fading Channel"

J. D. Chimeh, H. R. Bakhshi and E. Karami

5.     "An Approach to Cross-Layer QoS Management in MISO Systems"

B. Zerlin and J. Nossek



12:30 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch



2:00 PM- 3:30 PM: Security and Privacy in Mobile and Wireless Computing


1.         "Issues in Initializing Security"

N Asokan and L. Tarkkala

2.         "A Survey of Several Cooperation Enforcement Schemes for MANETs"

K. Mandalas, D. Flitzanis, G. Marias and P. Georgiadis

3.         "Extending an OMA-based DRM Framework with Non-Repudiation Services"

J. Lopez and R. Roman

4.         "Security and Privacy issues towards ENUM protocol"

G. Kambourakis, D. Geneiatakis, S. Gritzalis and T. Dagiuklas

5.         "Electromagnetic Signatures of WLAN Cards and Network Security"

K. Remley, A. Karygiannis, C. A. Grosvenor and M. Antonakakis


2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Signal Processing Techniques in Communications


1.         "Groupwise Successive ICI Cancellation for OFDMSystems in Time-Varying Channels"

X. Tran and T. Fujino

2.         "Adjacent Channel Power Ratio Analysis for an OFDM Signal"

S. Ragusa, J. Palicot, C. Roland and C. Lereau

3.         "Iterative Linear ISI Cancellation with Selective Decisions"

H. Dehghan and C. Weber

4.         "Signal Processing Techniques for Aeronautical Communications via Satellite"

P. Fines, K. Christofylaki and P. Febvre


2:00 PM –  3:30 PM: Signal Processing (Theory & Methods)


1.         "Residual Prediction"

D. Suendermann, H. Hoege, A. Bonafonte and H. Duxans

2.         "Projection-Based Adaptive AM-FM Chirp Components Signal Decomposition"

R. R. Far and S. Gazor

3.         "Kernel Design of Bilinear TFD for Multiple LFM Signals with Unbalanced Amplitudes"

P. Wang, J.Y. Yang and J.T. Xiong

4.         "A Butterfly Structure for Rate k/n Convolutional Codes"

T.S. Kuo and C.Y. Hsu



3:30 PM  – 4:00 PM: Coffee Break



4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Security and Privacy in eBusiness, eCommerce, eGovernment

1.         "Considering the Security Challenges in Consumer-Oriented eCommerce"

S. M Furnell

2.         "New Paradigms for Access Control in Open Environments"

P. Samarati, E. Damiani and S. De Capitani di Vimercati  

3.         "PriS Methodology:Incorporating Privacy Requirements into the System Design Process"

C. Kalloniatis, E. Kavakli and S. Gritzalis

4.         "Trust in Prime"

S. Fischer-Huebner, C. Andersson, J. Camenisch and S. Crane

5.         "A scalable Security Architecture enabling coalition formation between autonomous domains"

P. Belsis and S. Gritzalis


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Pattern Recognition


1.         "Automatic and Robust Image Registration using Feature Points Extraction and Zernike Moments Invariants"

M. S Yasein and P. Agathoklis

2.         "Validating the Separability of Independent Components from NDE Sonic Signals"

A. Salazar, L. Vergara and J. Igual

3.         "A Robust Subparagraphy Algorithm Based on Texture Similarity Using Gabor Filter"

Z. Z. Kermani  and M. Jamzad

4.         "Estimating Articulated Human Pose from Video Using Shape Context"

Q. Xian-Jie, W. Zhao-Qi, X. Shi-Hong and Li Jin-Tao

5.         "Script Recognition in Images with Complex Backgrounds"

J. Gllavata and B. Freisleben


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Video Coding


1.         "Error Reduction using Prediction Residual Matrices in Fast Block Motion Estimation"

A. Pourrostami, A. Moradi, S. Kasaei and M. T. M. Shalmani

2.         "Motion-Compensated Lossless Video Coding in the CALIC Framework"

E. S.G. Carotti  and J.C. De Martin

3.         "Error Concealment of Damaged LL Sub-Band in Motion JPEG 2000"

F. Zargari and O. Fatemi

4.         "PSNR Control for GOP-level Constant Quality in H.264 Video Coding"

F. De Vito and J.C. De Martin

5.         "Towards High Quality Region-of-Interest Medical Video over Wireless Networks using Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering"

S. P Rao and N. Vasiloglou

6.         "Mode Decision Optimization Issues in H.264 Video Coding"

S. Spinsante, F. Chiaraluce, E. Gambi and C. Falasconi

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


8:30 AM– 10:00 AM: Applications in Communications and Information Technology I 


1.    "A Simulation Study between the Ad Hoc Protocols IWAR and AODV"

H. El-Afandi, H. Hosseini and K. Vairavan

2.    "A New WOFDM Design for High Speed Trains Communications"

T. Boukoura, M. Chenaouib, A. Rivenqa and J.M. Rouvaena

3.    "Using Visual Augmentations to Test Control Interactions in Visual Dataflow Languages "

M. R. Karam

4.    "Formalizing a Derivation Strategy for Formal Specifications from Natural Language Requirements Models "

M.V. Mauco, M.C. Leonardi and D. Riesco


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Education and Text Processing


1.         "Educational Documentary Video Segmentation and Access through Combination of Visual, Audio and Text Understanding"

A. Dong and H. Li

2.         "On Learning Performance Evaluation for Some Psycho-Learning Experimental Work Versus an Optimal Swarm Intelligent System"

H. M. Mostafa 

3.         "Text-independent speaker identification using back propagation MLP network classifier for a closed set of speakers"

A. Sharma

4.         "A Text Summarizer Based on Meta-Search"

A.A. Mohamed and S. Rajasekaran

5.         "Generating User-Focused, Content-Based Summaries for Multi-Documents Using Document Graphs"

A. A. Mohamed


8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Adaptive Signal Processing


1.    "On Computationally-Efficient NLMS-Based  Algorithms For Echo Cancellation Applications"

E. Abdel-Raheem

2.    "Countering the False Positive Projection Effect in Nonlinear Asymmetric Classification"

S. Kosinov, S. Marchand-Maillet and T. Pun

3.    "Novel Scheme for Compact Orthogonal Modified-Prony Representation of Signals"

Y.M.Y. Hasan and M. F. Fahmy

4.    "Low-complexity Initialization Of Adaptive Equalizers Using Approximate Channel Inverse"

G.Wang and R. Kraemer



10:00 AM – 10:30 AM Coffee Break


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Applications in Communications and Information Technology II 



1.       "Design Patterns Automation with Template Library"

S. Dascalu and N. Hao and N. Debnath

2.       "An Abstract Model for Augmenting Online Applications with Visual Instructive Annotations to Assist Disadvantaged Users"

M. Karam and A. Moghnieh 

3.       "Software Engineer’s First Duty: the Preliminary Financial Feasibility Analysis of Real World Software Projects"

R. Uzal, G. Montejano and D. Riesco


10:30AM – 12:30PM: Image Restoration & Segmentation

1.    "Improved Papoulis-Gerchberg Algorithm for Restoring Lost Samples"

C.Y. Hsu and T.M. Lo

2.    "Real time Tarp-Linear Estimator for Image Noise reduction"

U. Ali and S. A. Khan

3.    "Hebbian Learning Based FIR Filter for Image Restoration"

I. Ahmad, P.P Mondal and R. Kanhirodan

4.    "Global Automatic Thresholding with Edge Information and Moving Average on Histogram"

Y.K. Chen and Y.F. Chang

5.    "Blind Restoration of Images Blurred by Complex Camera Motion and Simultaneous Recovery of 3D Scene Structure"

M. Šorel and J. Flusser

6.    "A Hybrid Level Set Approach for Efficient and Reliable Image Eegmentation"

S. Kim


10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Speech Processing

1.    "Speech Synthesis from Surface Electromyogram Signal"

Y.M. Lam, M.W. Mak and P. Heng-Wai Leong

2.    "Robust Estimation Methods for Impulsive Noise Suppression in Speech"

M. A Gandhi, C. Ledoux and L. Mili

3.    "Hyper Column Model vs. Fast DCT for Feature Extraction in Visual Arabic Speech Recognition"

A. Sagheer, N. Tsuruta, R.I . Taniguchi and S. Maeda

4.    "Blind Source Separation in a Noisy Environment using Super-Exponential Algorithm"

M. Ito, M. Kawamoto, M. Ohata, T. Mukai, N. Ohnishi and Y. Inouye

5.    "Adaptive Robust Speech Processing Based on Acoustic Noise Estimation and Classification"

F. Beritelli, S. Casale and S. Serrano



12:30 PM – 2:00 PM: Lunch



2:00 PM- 3:30 PM: Modeling and Optimization


1.         "Solid Model Approximation for Successive Three-Dimensional Shape Processing"

J. Doi and W. Sato

2.         "Adaptive Sampling with Renyi Entropy in Monte Carlo Path Tracing"

Q. Xu, R. Hu and Y. Xu

3.         "Optimization of wavelet bases for texture discrimination"

M. A Chaudhry, M. Mufti, M. N Jafri and M. Akbar

4.         "Error Investigation of Models for Improved Detection of Masses in Screening Mammography"

N.H. Eltonsy, E. Essock-Burns, G.D. Tourassi and A.S. Elmaghraby

5.         "Quality Evaluation of Fast Morphing Interpolation Model For 3D Volume Reconstruction"

A. Fadeev, N. Eltonsy, G. Tourassi and A. S. Elmaghraby


2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Media Protection and Authentication


1.       "RDWT/ICA for Image Authentication"

T.D Hien, Z. Nakao and  Y.W. Chen

2.       "PATFC: a Novel Pseudorandom Affine Transformation-Based Feistel-Network Cipher"

Y.M.Y. Hasan and E. M. Mohammed

3.       "An Examination of a Web-Based Advanced Encryption Standard System"

B.M. Barnes and A.H. Desoky

4.       "Computing Watermark Capacity In Images According To Their Quad Tree"

F. Yaghmaee and M. Jamzad


2:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Neural Networks


1.    "Neural Network Construction using Grammatical Evolution"

I.G Tsoulos, D. Gavrilis  and E. Galvas

2.    "Neural Network Implementation of the BCJR Algorithm Based on Reformulation Using Matrix Algebra"

M.H Sazli and C. Isik

3.    "A New Neural Network Ensemble Heuristic for a Predictor of the Aldose Reductase Inhibitory Activity"

R.Parra-Hernandez, E.M. Laxdal, N.J. Dimopoulos and Polyxeni Alexiou

4.    "Comparison of Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines applied to Optimized Features Extracted from Patients’ Speech Signal for Classification of Vocal Fold Inflammation"

R. Behroozmand and F. Almasganj

5.    "Network Inversion for Complex-valued Neural Networks"

T. Ogawa and H. Kanada


3:30 PM  – 4:00 PM: Coffee Break



4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Image Processing


1.    "A Graph Approach to Color Mathematical Morphology"

O. Lezoray, C. Meurie and A. Elmoataz

2.    "Motion Blur Identification in Noisy Images using Fuzzy Sets"

M.E. Moghaddam and M. Jamzad

3.    "Recovery of Damaged Code Blocks in LL Sub-Band of JPEG 2000 Images"

F. Zargari and O. Fatemi

4.    "An Efficient Parameter Selection Criterion for Image Denoising"

H. Pirsiavash, S. Kasaei and F. Marvasti

5.    "The Hough Transform (HuT) on Geometrical Distributions (GeoDistributions)"

N.E. Myridis

6.    "Colorfulness of the Image and its Application in Image Filtering"

H. Palus


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM: DSP Systems & Implementation Issues


1.    "High-Level Performance and Power Exploration of DSP Applications Realized on Programmable Processors"

N. Kroupis, N. Zervas, M. Dasygenis, K. Tatas, D. Soudris and A. Thanailakis

2.    "Real-Time Implementation and Optimization of ITU’s G.728 on TMS320C64X DSP"

M. Akbari, B.V. Vahdat and K. Nayebi

3.    "H.263 Video Decoding on Programmable Graphics Hardware"

A. Hirvonen and T. Leppänen

4.    "Real-time 3D Image Visualization System for Digital Video on a Single Chip"

N.I. Rafla

5.    "Multiplatform Interface Adapted to Pathological Voices"

B. Garcia, J. Vicente, I. Ruiz and A. Alonso